We began Importz-Etc. in 2001. Upon initial startup, we travel aboard to purchase and brand some of the most eloquent and eclectic items for our business enterprise.  It was grand for many years; however, Marge was still a career professional that had placed her work life on hold for a while to manage the business.  After a couple of years of privatization, Marge returned to the workforce and successfully completed her employment in contract management as a public servant.  Today, presents new opportunities and development whereas we are introducing some new unique and fabulous merchandise that is equally impressive as the previous, if not even more…

Although we are not a certified wine expert, most classify a good wine as subjective.  A good wine is personal and exclusive to the individual drinking it. Whether you prefer tart, spicy, sweet, bold or lite or delicate in flavor, the choice is yours. The varying characteristics of wine helps these drinkers navigate their selective type. Now, let us explain to you how you can utilize the same analogy in selecting our creative wine cases or boxes, which ever term fits you best.

  • No sweetness or sugar here; however, our wine boxes are adorable in their appearance. A nice attractive piece of art to share with anyone.
  • We’re not talking about wine acidity and tartness, I am speaking about our wine case sharpness, and lines are fine symmetrically whereas lots of detail has been incorporated into these little treasures in various patterns, shapes and sizes for your pleasure.
  • The body of wines typically refer to the weight measured by taste in our mouths; well, I am talking about us offering various size cases which accommodates either 1, 2, 3, or 6 bottles in one case or unit. The type of unit will vary depending on the function, you may utilize different size cases at different times.  With the good pricing, you can have a collection. A thing to remember, many of our upper class boxes come already equipped with 3-5 piece wine accessory tools to take to special occasions or outings.
  • When we speak of alcohol, no I am not talking about the content, percentage, or volume of booze in your wine; I am speaking of the diversity in case use. Some cases can hold wine as well as spirits and some beer bottles, not to mention juice for some, it’s all in how you look at things and what your needs entail.

Each wooden box is intricately hand-crafted by a team of diligent and dedicated experts that have your requirements in mind.  Our professional designing team aims to create a unique eye-catching design concepts in all finished products. You can call us, creators of quality design ideas that take off from a simple thought you share with us that will ultimately grow, resulting in special orders or you can simply utilize our “off the shelf” ready to go products in stock.

We strive for good business communication, we hear you because we are listening. We want to earn your trust by understanding your planning needs, design specifications along with all other aspects of meeting your goals in a timely manner.

Now let me ask, did you see the quality and construction of our 18 gauge medieval helmets and shields, or our Viking Horn Drinking Mugs and Glasses?  With excitement and energy, we introduce www.importz-etc.com to you…