We have a diversified group of customers for all over the world.  We provide merchandise for bridal parties, corporate functions, or any special occasion:

  • 1 – Specialty Corporate Groups: These groups maybe part of the vineyard business and/or producers of wine, spirits or similar products. We have seen that “importz-etc.com is known as being exclusive in antique reproduction of handicraft products. Customers see these type purchases as creative and completes their shopping objectives. This may include retail outlets that specialize in alcohol sales or similar type establishments. This is typically a win/win connection for the vineyard enterprise, their customers and us.
  • 2 – Bridal Planning. Wine cases/boxes are perfect gift ideas either for the bridal party in general and/or for the guest attending the wedding.
  • 3 – Executive Hosting: This presents a great idea for retirement or farewell take away, promotional activities, employee incentive or awards recognition programs.
  • 4 – Special Occasions: This works well for holiday gift ideas, treat after new mommy gives birth, Valentine’s Day, anniversary present, birthday celebrations, family reunions or any other elective party event.

*Please note that we will work for your valued business and will be happy to make quantity discounts available to you as well.


The wine boxes fabrication is a great process! The boxes meet environment standards for utilization of all parts of the tree; parts of a tree that many may toss to the garbage cans, others do not. The varying types of trees used are: pine, paulownia, rubber wood, maple, oak, birch, beech, poplar and MDF wrapped with PU leather (synthetic or man-made leather) accented in hand carved tin, metals and with various patterns, e.g. natural wood, embossed, stained, painted, laminated, stamped, burnt affect, etc. Each wine box introduces its own component which is specially comprised with one of the above mentioned wood types and treatments. Wine box closures are either environmentally engineered in a natural process and/or close with quality metal hinges and fixtures.